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Q: Are your items Authentic?

A: Yes, they are authentic, brand new in original package. If you find any quality problem when you receive the goods, you can just send them back to us for a full refund.


Q: Is your site secure? Will you secure my personal information?

A: Yes. Please be assured about the security of your personal information. We use secured payment gateways. All the information will be encrypted by our system automatically.


Q: What are the Possible Payment Methods?

A: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Transfer.


Q: Why is my credit card declined?

A: There are various reasons for a declined credit card transaction. The most common reason is that the address you entered is not the same address on your credit card statement. If so, please try again with the right billing address.While at the mean time, a simple typing mistake could also cause the transaction to be declined, including entering the wrong credit card number, wrong expiry date or CVN code (the security number on the back of your credit card).

If your credit card is still not being accepted, here are some suggestions:
 - Make sure your credit card is not over its limit
 - Make sure your credit card has not expired
 - Make sure there is enough money in your card
 - Make sure you have correctly typed the name on the front of the credit card
 - Call your Credit Card Company to authorize the payment
 - Try a different card
 - Wait 1 day and try again


Q: How can I get the wholesale price if I want to order big quantity?

A: Please email us before placing an order on our website, and we will give you our wholesale quotation. All the wholesale price will be based on the quantity you order.


Q: What to do if I haven't received any Confirmation Email from you?

A: If you order an item, but you won't receive any confirmation email from us within several minutes, please check the "Spam" mail category in your Mail client to make sure none of our Emails ended up there by mistake. If it's not there neither, please contact us and leave us your order number. We will make sure that someone from our team will get back to you.


Q: Can I change my order once I’ve placed it?

A: We make every effort to get your order out of our door and into yours as quickly as possible. Orders cannot be modified or canceled once they are shipped out. If you would like to change your order, please contact our customer service team within 12 hours and they will help get you taken care of.


Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: Ship times vary based on location but typically arrive within 5-7 business days. Please note that all orders take up to 2 days processing time. We will do everything we can to speed up the delivery. For further Shipping information, please visit our Shipping Information Page.


Q: Will I have to pay extra fees to receive my product?

A: No. There is not any extra fees. We offer free shipping and you will not be charged for any customs, tariffs, or additional taxes.


Q: How to Track My Order?

A: Once we confirm that your order is received and we get the payment, your order will be transferred to the Shipping Team, where it will be labeled, packed and shipped. Generally speaking, your order will be delivered in 24-48 hours. Once we ship it out, we will send you an Email with the entire shipping details, including the tracking number and website to trace your order.


Q: What to do if there are shipping problems and I still haven't got my order?

A: First know that it won't happen in 99% of the cases. However, if for any reason your package is missing/vanished some how, we will send you a replacement package or refund the payment. We provide a total insurance on missing packages.


Q: What to do if the item I ordered is somehow damaged?

A: Our Shipping Team will check it very carefully before its delivery. This is why it is very unlikely that your item will be damaged. Nevertheless, if that happens, you must inform our Customer Service immediately through the "Contact Us" Page. When you receive the damaged items, and you don't inform us in 7 days, we will not accept your exchange or refund.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: We offer a 14-day, 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee in the unlikely event of defects in the product's materials or manufacturing. If you are unhappy with your goods, send it back for an exchange or a refund. It’s that easy. Once delivered, orders can’t be cancelled or refunded until you’ve received your shipment.


Q: Other questions?

A: We have LiveChat on our website and spend a lot of time there helping our valued customers. You can also send us an email. We are available Monday through Saturday.